Transform your workplace with a popup canteen

 The exciting amenity bringing a rotation of Bristols best restauarants and street food vendors into companies, office buildings and business parks

Different guest restaurants visiting your office building, company or business park 

  A rotation of authentic restaurants visits you, sets up, and sells food directly to your employees or building tenants. People love that they can count on convenient, quick access to a variety of high-quality food. Since employees pay for their own meals, there is no cost to your business.

How it works

Cater Stars organises pop up restaurants for office buildings, companies and business parks

Delicious food pops up in your office lobby, breakroom or outside space

We arrange the best street food vendors and restaurants to pop up in your office lobby, breakroom or suitable outside space between 11.30 - 1.30 every day


Food is paid for by employees

Employess pay for their own food by cash or card like they normally would. Each serving is prepared to order, but there is no cooking on site.

Restaurant clears up and leaves your office the way they found it

After serving to your employees or tenants, the restaurant clears up and leaves your offices exactly the way they found it. Cater Stars gets feedback to keep improving and personalising the food offering for your office.

80% of employees consider food at work to be a top perk

You'll love the benefits you get from a Cater Stars popup

Foster your community  

Conversations begin when people eat together. Teams that eat together form stronger bonds and communicate better (even with their mouths full).

Increase workplace productivity  

Win back your employees time by bringing restaurants to them, and watching their productivity increase. The convenience of Cater Stars keeps people on site.

Retain and recruit top talent  

80% of employees think providing a food option at work is a top perk. Your decision to put a Cater Stars popup in your office is a clear sign you care about your employees or tenants.

Taste a variety of quality foods  

Your employees care about quality, right? We only work with the best and taste test every item before it goes on their menu.

The bottom line

How can a popup canteen work for your business or office building?


Attract new talent 

  • Offering food can be a dealbreaker for candidates.

Facilities manager  

Account manager 

  • You will work with a dedicated account manager to sort everything on your behalf.

Building manager  

Attract new tenants 

  • Offer a high value amenity at no cost to you.


Stop office food boredom 

  • With a new restauarant visiting you everyday you can put a stop to food fatigue.

Reduce recruitment costs

  • Food in the workplace is considered a top perk and shows employees you care.

Variety and quality 

  • A new restaurant visits you everyday without you having to do anything.

No management needed

  • No food is cooked onsite and Cater Stars handles all the logistics and equipment.

Save time 

  • We know you're busy with deadlines. With Cater Stars you can get quality food without the 40 minute round trip.

Cultivate team culture 

  • Employees who eat togother, stay together.

Reliability and quality 

  • We monitor every restaurant which turns up and test every single dish before it's served to your staff.

Keep tenants happy 

  • Tenants love being able to access high quality food directly within the building.

Make lunch an occasion 

  • Exciting, independent street food vendors and restaurants visting you everyday for lunch becomes an occasion to look forward to.
More reasons to have food at work

How the popup lunch concept works for everyone involved

Support Local Food Businesses

Partnering with Cater Stars means supporting a diverse group of local businesses. You will help them sell tacos, poke bowls, and chicken tikka wraps by the thousands

Option to subsidize employee lunches

For employers who want to offer an added food benefit for their teams, Cater Stars food money is the perfect solution. Just tell us a set amount per employee and we'll handle the rest. 

If you think your employees or tenants would like something delicious for lunch, we should talk.